Noahide Youth Dad Hat
Noahide Youth Dad Hat
Noahide Youth Dad Hat
Noahide Youth Dad Hat

Noahide Youth "Dad Hat"

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The classic "Dad Hat" sized specifically for youth with a beautifully embroidered Noahide logo designed by The Noahide Community Foundation Inc. (TNC) and a custom "7" woven label on the back. This versatile kids hat is part of the Toonie Tours and TNC collaboration that has the mission of increasing awareness of Torah and the Noahide movement while providing customized apparel.

If you feel like most standard hats are too big for your child, this is a great option. The soft cotton twill and adjustable strap makes that hat comfortable to wear.


  • Keep the sun out off the face
  • Match Mom & Dad's hats
  • Sized for youth & kids
  • Soft feel
  • Adjust to your size


  • Embroidered Noahide logo designed by TNC
  • Custom "7" woven label representing the seven Noahide Laws - English character facing out and Hebrew character facing in

To find out more about TNC and the Noahide movement, check out their website at

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