August Ash LP - The Carbons
August Ash LP - The Carbons

August Ash LP - The Carbons

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Canada has seen many talented artists color the world with their music and performance. Think of The Trews, The Tragically Hip, Gordon Lightfoot, Heart, and many others. 

The Carbons are Canada's modern groove rock who hit the scene in 2018. The founding members of the band is also Toonie Tours founding member. Enjoy this album and connect with Canada through sound. 

August Ash

Side A

1. All I Need 
2. Colourblind (B&W)
3. Who You Foolin' (Girls' Night Out)
4. Not-So-Secret Admirer 
5. Jerry, Can I Dance With Your Sister
6. Give Me Your Love

Side B

7. Closure
8. Stuck In Your Head
9. Annabelle
10. Do You Need Love


Digital download card included with Vinyl Record.